Personal Readings

Diana offers email readings for clients seeking personal guidance on life issues, which can be ordered from this site and then are completed across 48-72 hours* Simply add your chosen reading to the cart to register your booking. The download you will receive provides clear instructions on how to initiate the reading process.

[Existing customers: please navigate to the end of this page to access links anytime to instructions for downloads you have previously ordered].

* Please note: readings are prepared and completed in real time; delivery may take longer across holidays and weekends.

Detailed outlines/descriptions of reading focuses appear below the booking options.

Tarot Reading

£45.00 – £55.00

Astrology Relationship Reading

£75.00 – £95.00

Astrology Genealogy Reading

£80.00 – £100.00

Astrology Chart Reading

£55.00 – £65.00

Reading Outlines/Descriptions

Combined Astrology/Card Reading (Premium option) – can address up to three key questions or life areas using a mix of astrology and cards (tarot, or angels if you request that preference), to answer them (£75)

Combined Astrology/Card Reading (Express option) – addressing a main question or issue/life area to explore in depth through a mix of astrology and cards (tarot, or angels if preferred), to answer them (£60)

Astrology Current Reading – using astrology alone to home in on what’s going on for you at the moment and in the near future (£65)

Astrology Chart Key Horoscope Insights – homing in on the main issues shown in your chart, offering a great insight into the real you and the life experiences you are working through (£55)

Tarot Insights – offering a look across (up to) three different areas of interest, or a main life area or question in greater depth. This is a comprehensive, insightful reading that helps bring a stronger understanding of what is at stake and, often, how to move forward in the best way (£55)


Tarot Answers – a way to get a strong set of insights into a main life issue or question (or two, if needed). Just ask about what’s pressing and what you would like an answer to or guidance on. Tarot often gets right to the nub of things, offering valuable clarity and fresh perspectives (£45)

Angel Light Reading – often the ideal card reading option for those less keen on tarot. It has a gentleness about it and suits self-care focuses and bereavement issues especially well; you can ask the angels anything you would like an answer to, for their insight and guidance (£45)

Astrology Relationship Reading (Chart Comparison) – we look at the nature of the connection and quality of the relationship between you and the other person. You will understand more about the potential of the relationship, including any areas of harmony and conflict indicated, to offer a rounded picture (£75)

Astrology Marriage Reading – involving a chart comparison of you and your partner/fiance(e) as well as looking at the chart for your chosen wedding date. A way to appreciate more closely who you both are, how you interact, and what the marriage will bring for you both (£95)

Astrology Genealogy Reading (Chart Comparison) – seeking to understand family connections more closely; this can be a particularly helpful reading for appreciating difficulties in family relations, why you get on with some family members better than others, and how to understand one another towards greater harmony. Your chart plus up to two others are studied together (£75)

“Around the Houses” Astrology Report (prepared under license from Astrology House, thanks to Janus software) – a way to get an understanding of the planets in signs and houses in their unique places in your horoscope chart; you’ll see what they mean for you and how they relate to one another. Great for knowing the chart essentials plus more modern information such as key Asteroids: Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, and Juno. You will get clues on how to deal with the energies written in your chart, based on your place, date, and time of birth, through a PDF document of 15 pages or more, brimming with useful insights about key facets of you and your life experiences – without the need or scope for questions (£25)

Mindbliss Readings Price List:

  • Combined Astrology/Card Reading (Premium) £75 (Express) £60
  • Astrology Current Reading £65
  • Astrology Chart Key Insights £55
  • Tarot Insights £55
  • Tarot Answers £45
  • Angel Light Reading £45
  • Astrology Relationship Reading (Chart Comparison) £75
  • Astrology Marriage Reading £95
  • Astrology Genealogy Reading (Chart Comparison) £75
  • “Around the Houses” Astrology Report (via Janus) £25
  • Birth Chart Diagram £10